The administrational apathy is in full display at Satyawadi Raja Harishchandra Hospital where a doctor who was on Covid duty for over a year, was denied treatment when he contracted the viral disease, his family alleged.

38-year-old Dr Amit Gupta who works at the pediatric department of the Delhi government-run hospital is battling for his life at a private hospital where he is intubated and is kept on life support since his whole body has gone into paralysis, days after contracting the Covid-19, the family informed.

Gupta was tested positive on April 22. After spending a few days in home isolation, the doctor complained of breathing issues. His family ran pillar to post to arrange a bed and proper medical care for him.

The family alleged that the doctor was not provided with a bed at its hospital. The family members said that the doctor’s colleague arranged a bed and an oxygen cylinder and kept him in the hospital’s duty room for a few days. However, his condition continued to deteriorate.

“This is so unfortunate that my brother could not find a bed at its hospital, despite working day and night at its Covid ward,” Gupta’s sister, who wished to remain anonymous, told The Statesman in a disappointing tone.

She also blamed the hospital administration for deteriorated health of his brother. “If he was given proper care on time, my brother’s condition would not have turned severe,” the sister said.

“While we are asked to clap and bang pots to praise the hard work and commitment of the healthcare workers, what they actually face is humiliation from the administration and government,” the anxious sister added.

The Statesman tried to contact Raja Harishchandra Hospital’s administration but our repeated attempts elicited no response from them.

Currently, Gupta is receiving treatment at Medanta Hospital in Gurugram.

Meanwhile, as the matter came to light, the Federation of Residents Doctors Association (FORDA) has demanded better care for the ailing Gupta and financial aid from the government.

“Dr Gupta is our colleague and we would do everything to help him in such a distressing time. We would raise the matter with the government so that he is provided with the best medical care and also financial support to deal with his illness,” said Dr Sunil Arora, General Secretary, FORDA.