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Yamuna on the verge of drying up as Haryana govt not releasing water: Jain

According to the Delhi government, Wazirabad Barrage’s water level has dropped to an all-time low of 669 feet this year.

SNS | New Delhi |

In light of the declining water level in the Yamuna, Water Minister Satyendar Jain conducted an on-site review of the Wazirabad barrage on Tuesday.

During the visit, Jain said, “Due to the Haryana government’s insufficient water release, the water level at Wazirabad barrage has dropped from its typical 674.5 feet to this year’s lowest level of 669 feet.”

Jain said that Wazirabad barrage is the most important reservoir of Delhi. “It is one of the most important water sources for North and West Delhi. Due to a lack of water supply from Haryana, the water treatment plants in Delhi are currently running at a fraction of their peak capability. As a result, Wazirabad WTP’s water production has decreased by 60-70 MGD. The Yamuna has dried up as well due to the withholding of water by the Haryana Government,” he informed

According to the delhi government, Wazirabad Barrage’s water level has dropped to an all-time low of 669 feet this year.

“In this regard, the Delhi Jal Board has repeatedly demanded that the Haryana Irrigation Department rectify the situation, but the Haryana Government has paid no attention to the issue,” stated Delhi government in a press statement.

The Water minister further added even a 1 foot drop in the Yamuna’s water level causes a water scarcity in Delhi, as the Yamuna provides the majority of the city’s drinking water.

“The need for water in Delhi has increased as the city’s population has grown. Wazirabad and Chandrawal Water Treatment Plants provide a significant percentage of the supply. Haryana has withheld the share of water that belongs to Delhi, causing the Yamuna to reach 669 feet. As a result of Haryana’s obstruction in the continuous supply of water, Delhiites are not getting their fair share of water, which is their fundamental right,” added Jain.

Underlining the extent of the water crisis, the Water Minister said, “We have appealed to the Haryana government, requesting that they come here and assess the state of the Yamuna. We are not expecting the Haryana government to provide water in proportion to the 2022 population of Delhi, but at the very least they need to comply with the Supreme Court’s ruling. Our share of water is our right.”

He went on to say that the Haryana government should provide water on a humanitarian basis so that the people of Delhi have adequate drinking water in this hot weather.

The Haryana Water Minister urged the Haryana government to give Delhiites their fair amount of water so that their rights are not violated.