Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Wednesday hit out at the state BJP chief Manoj Tiwari saying that if the NRC was implemented in the national capital, Bihar-born Tiwari will have to leave the city first.

Earlier, the BJP leader had said that the situation in Delhi had become “dangerous” due to the presence of a “large number” of illegal immigrants including Bangladeshis and Rohingyas who, he said, are found to be involved in crimes. He has been a strong votary of NCR and on several occasions said that it should be implemented beyond Assam and in Delhi.

Kejriwal made the statement while responding to a question on Tiwari saying that illegal migrants were responsible for the increase in crime in Delhi, while referring to a particular case. “If NRC was implemented in Delhi, Tiwari will have to leave Delhi first,” the Chief Minister said.

Earlier this week, Tiwari told IANS that the NRC is important as there is no record of illegal foreign migrants living in the city, who are also a threat to the security of the nation.

“There is no record of the illegal migrants. They commit a crime but we don’t have any record. They may also do anti-national activities. It is a security threat for the people as well as the country,” Tiwari said.

He further said, “the NRC will only target those people who are from outside the country. Indians, from any part of the country, living in Delhi will not be affected in any form. The issue will be only for illegal foreign migrants.”