The Congress on Monday demanded a CBI probe on the alleged huge unaccounted wealth of former Nagaland Police official M K R Pillai, uncovered in raids.

IT sleuths in Kerala's Kochi have unearthed unaccounted money worth Rs.400 crore from the Sreevalasam Group firm owned by Pillai, who is currently a consultant to the Nagaland Police.

"The recent revelations about Pillai during the IT raids have once again exposed the corrupt activities that have flourished during the past 15 years of Naga People's Front-led Democratic Alliance of Nagaland government.

"It is an open secret that Pillai has been running the show in the police department with many of the top police officials dancing to his tunes and this is plainly evident by the timid reaction of the state DGP and the apprehension of a senior police officer that police department will be badly affected if Pillai is removed," the Congress statement said.

Pillai, who hails from Kerala, started his career as a constable in Nagaland Police in the 1970s and retired as Additional Superintendent of Police. He was subsequently appointed a consultant.

Claiming the central government during the past decade had sanctioned hundreds of crores particularly for modernisation of Police Force but these funds were found "badly misused", the Congress said the fraudulent withdrawal of Rs.18 crore by the police department in 2009-10 by producing fictitious bills as highlighted by a CAG report were the most prominent.

"The state government must hand over the case to the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) to investigate all irregularities that have flourished in the police department with people like Pillai thriving under the patronage of some corrupt politicians and top police officials unhindered for many years.

"This is an opportunity to clean the dirty stables of the police department and also expose the politicians and top officials who have allowed the system to become a one man show of Pillai in return for sharing the spoils," said the party, which has several times demanded all these consultants be removed.

A President's Police Medal winner, Pillai came under the IT scanner post-demonetisation.