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Central leaders not happy with Hill politicians: JAP

Statesman News Service | Kalimpong |

As Jan Andolan Party (JAP) leaders and supporters returned from Delhi, where they staged demonstrations for Gorkhaland, the party on Monday said Central leaders are not very happy with the leaders in the Hills, who, according to them are not stable. According to JAP president Dr Harka Bahadur Chettri, the central leaders told them that it was because of this nature of leaders in the Hills that the Gorkhas in Delhi do not get the respect that they should.

“Some ministers also suggested holding a serious discussion on the problems of the Hills on 15 March in the Constitution Club in Delhi in the presence of various political parties of Delhi and social organizations,” Dr Chettri told a press conference here. “The party here has started preparing letters to be sent to eminent personalities of other political parties in the Hills, Terai and the Dooars, inviting them to the discussion, so that they can give inputs regarding Gorkhaland,” he added. On the “bad impression” the central leaders have about the Hill leaders, Dr Chettri said, “They told us right on our face that everything is okay in the Hills, apart from the leaders.

A Congress leader also went on to say that the situation after the 104-day shutdown has led them to think that none of the leaders there are stable, and that is the reason why ‘you people don’t have respect here in Delhi,'” the JAP president claimed. While in Delhi, JAP leaders and supporters mounted pressure on the central leaders to discuss Gorkhaland in Parliament during the budget session. “However, the ministers in Delhi failed to raise the topic of Gorkhaland in the session this time,” Dr Chettri said.

While the youths of the party held demonstrations till 7 February, bureau members were busy meeting ministers and leaders. “Some bureau members also went to some ministers’ houses to give a Powerpoint presentation regarding the demand.” “Gorkhaland is a demand that carries the sentiments of the people, and this demand has been defamed.

People have played low-level politics with this demand, giving an opportunity to national politicians to raise their fingers at leaders who have carried forward the demand so far. As such, we have prepared the groundwork now, whoever is serious about this demand can come forward and express their thoughts,” Dr Chettri said.