BJP state president Dilip Ghosh said on Tuesday the BJP is committed to free the country from infiltration because the party does not indulge in ‘vote bank politics’.

Without naming Trinamul Congress (TMC) chief Mamata Banerjee, BJP state president Dilip Ghosh said, those parties who are holding brief for infiltrations and opposing National Register of Citizens (NRC) are doing so because they need infiltrators for swelling their vote banks.

Ghosh also said the NRC in Assam is being opposed in the West Bengal due to “vote bank politics” and this government, should be uprooted as it patronised infiltration from Bangladesh by endangering country’s national security.

“Lakh of infiltrators are entering through the border of the West Bengal on regular basis. Unauthorized arms and ammunition factories are being unearthed regularly. Terrorists are being harbored following political patronization,” he said.

Ghosh said the party is playing with the national security of the country. “Only to secure their vote bank, this political party could do anything even endanger the life of the valid citizen. A terror atmosphere has been created in the state. Peace is prevailing in the all states of the country except in the West Bengal. Here some politicians are forcefully helping infiltration to destroy the tranquility of the state in a bid to raise votes,” said Ghosh.

He said that saffron brigade would prevent the attempt to divide the country again. “These politicians are tactfully weakening the country by creating unrest in India so other countries could think that India became very weak. We have one priority that is to save India first,” said Ghosh.

BJP MLA also said that their party will ignore the hue and cry by any political party, which is aiming to keep infiltrators and fight against other political party’s attempt to raise vote bank by allowing rampant infiltration into the West Bengal.