Andhra Pradesh Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) arrested a senior official of the municipal department, three-days before his retirement, for allegedly amassing assets worth Rs. 500-crore during his tenure.

According to media reports, the arrest of Golla Venkata Raghurami Reddy, director of state town planning in municipal administration department, occurred on Monday, after ACB teams simultaneously conducted raids at his several properties.

The authorities also conducted raids at the house of his cousin and his relatives. Twenty teams from the agency raided multiple properties of GV Raghurami Reddy, the director of town and country planning, and NV Sivaprasad, a Vijayawada Municipal Corporation official.

Reddy, who is due to retire on Wednesday, was arrested under the Prevention of Corruption Act for possessing assets disproportionate to his income, said media reports.

He was planning to host a retirement party for his friends and relatives at a resort abroad and had even booked air tickets for all, said media reports. ACB officials unearthed 10 kg of gold and diamonds, gold ornaments worth Rs. 4 croreand around Rs. 50 lakh in cash at Reddy’s residence.

It has been reported that Reddy owns a hotel in Shirdi (Maharashtra) and 300 acres of land near Vijyawada among other properties.

According to media reports, Sivaprasad was allegedly a benami (conduit) for Reddy, and opened and operated several real estate firms.

ACB officials are yet to calculate the entirety of the alleged scam, said media reports.

Reddy has served in key roles in government bodies since 1988.