The art of writing can be inculcated, but literary geniuses are born not made.

Here are a few families for whom writing is more than a skill; it is in fact a passion and legacy.

Bronte Sisters– Anne, Emily and Charlotte first published their works under pseudonyms to be saved from being identified as females.

Timeless works have come from the sister trio. Wuthering Heights by Emily, Jane Eyre by Charlotte and Tenant of Wildfell Hall are some of their most popular works till date.

The Brothers Grimm– Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm collected and worked upon German folk tales as they travelled through different places during the 18th century. They credited to have popularised the concept of fairy tales world over. Their works have been incomparable and carry a special magical touch that no one can deny.

Mary Wolstonecraft and Mary Shelly – While Mary Wollstonecraft is considered to be one of the most prominent feminist writers of the 18th century, her daughter, Mary Shelly is best known for having written Frankenstein.

Anita Desai and Kiran Desai– Another mother-daughter duo who seem to have created numerous piece of art through their words are one of the most prominent writers of the country. Credited with popular works such as In Custody, Fire on the Mountain and Fasting Feasting, Anita Desai is multiple Time Booker Prize nominee. while her equally talented daughter- Kiran is the winner of Man Booker Prize for her work- The Inheritance of Loss.