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Meeting global standards

Ashok Mittal |

In recent years, Indian business schools have been working to re-invent their teaching models and pedagogy techniques with an objective to make students more ready to enter the industry and take its challenges head on. Yet, we still have significant distance to travel to be able to meet the global standards set mostly by universities abroad.

Our styles of pedagogy and teaching techniques have not kept up with the changes brought about in the field with time. Having visited more than 15 top universities of the world providing management education, and looking at the kind of infrastructure these possess, I do realise as a visitor that in comparison to these institutions Indian universities need to further shore up their infrastructure and education dispensing styles.

More institutions have realised the same today and working to step up their standards. Some factors that are currently being worked upon in Indian management teaching are:

  • Teaching and evaluation techniques: The field of business and management has undergone a sea change in the past two decades. With start-ups becoming the new buzzword, entrepreneurs across the global have re-written the rules of the business game. However, some of our teaching methods are still stuck and institutions are working today to modernise them. Evaluating students on theoretical knowledge and not doing enough to make them industry ready have been key lacunae in our teaching methodology.
  • Theoretical versus practical teaching: While theoretical knowledge of the subject of management is essential, we must be doing more to equip students with practical skills of running businesses. When they establish their businesses or work as top executives, they will not need the theories of management to see them through. Being street smart, as they say comes from having practical skills and experience.
  • International exposure: In a globalised world, we need greater cultural exchange and international exposure. Unfortunately, both our teachers and students lack the same. The kind of work being done at Indian institutions in management area is certainly phenomenal — be it pedagogy, zeal to study or dissemination of managerial skills. I understand that the new age institutions have proved their strength through unique pedagogy and ideas that students graduating from these are no less than those of their foreign counterparts.

The writer is Chancellor, Lovely Professional University