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Elementary steps of preparation

Cecil Antony |


Every student who aspires for the coveted top Engineering College’s seats anticipates dreads and gears up at the time of Joint Entrance Examinations. It becomes difficult to prepare and finally crack exams like WBJEE and JEE Mains as they always come back to back with the pre-board or board exams. 

So, in this crucial juncture of their lives the students have to marshal double or triple hurdles together, which effects in exponential levels of physical and mental stress, and hardships. It’s a tricky game of proper guidance, correct orientation and intense smart studying. Here are some quick tips to crack West Bengal Joint Entrance Examination (WBJEE) and help you do your very best.

Keep doing revision: All the topics that one has studied in class XI are going to be the basics of the new chapters in the next class. It is crucial to know the basics in order to focus on a course like engineering. 

Practice papers are friends:
One must have speed to score well in WBJEE. Revising books and notes will not help to build speed. It only comes from actual test taking. So as the year goes, practice questions from the chapters on a regular basis. Besides, they must also practise all the previous year paper’s as well as mock papers.
Learn how to focus better: To crack WBJEE one must be clearheaded and focused in the examination hall. Sleep well on the night before, and have a simple breakfast.

Have a strategy: Any entrance exam like WBJEE needs a strategy. One must have the answers ready for the questions they wish to attempt first.

Do not guess: Guesswork will lead nowhere in an exam, especially one like the WBJEE. Getting a question wrong will directly affect rank. 

Take care of your health: There are too many students who fall sick a week before their competitive exams, sometimes even on the night before. The reason is they do not take proper care of their health. Do not make the same mistake. Eat well, avoid junk food, and get proper rest.

Be prepared for the exam day: There are some things that one needs to carry on the exam day. Make sure to prepare a kit in advance so there are no issues on the day of the exam. Keep two pencils, two black pens, two blue pens, an eraser, and an ink remover. 

The syllabus: Every portion of it is imperative, but, there are certain topics which require special attention in every subject that form the basis of the entire subject and can help to score well. Topics in physics chapters that must be covered are Mechanics and General Properties of matter, Electrostatics, current electricity, Modern Physics and Electromagnetic Induction.  For chemistry a quick revision of inorganic chemistry must be done. 
While for maths Conic Section with ellipse, hyperbola, parabola and rectangular parabola, Trigonometry, Vectors, 3D and Integral Calculus requires more attention.

Chief spokesperson & chairman, NSHM