Well, if you are only focusing all your attention in speaking the new language then you are doing wrong! In order to learn a new language it is important to focus on all four aspects: Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. If you want to make any language easy to write and speak, the order in which it can be acquired is first listening, then speaking, later comes the reading and last is writing. Hence it is called as the LSRW skills.

Listing below 8 easy steps to make any language easy to write, learn and speak:

1. Listen and Think: The first step to learning a new language is listening to it, then thinking and absorbing the same. While you are thinking you should also try and graph the first few words which you have heard.

2. Understand the nuances: After listening you need to understand the nuances or rather the articles in any language. Like English language has ‘The, A, An, These, They’ amongst others.

3. Talk when you read and write: It is important for you to talk the language when you read and write. This means in your day to day chores you will have to incorporate/ talk the language to ingrain it.

4. Learn the Grammar: Grammar play an important role in any language, thus becoming the core to learn any new language is the grammar.

5. Watch movies and Imitate: Once these basics are learnt, then you could start watching movies with subtitles to understand the language better. Try to imitate what have seen or heard and start the sentence formation.

6. Listen to language music: The best way to learn is sometimes music. So while you are learning the basics, you could learn a few new and important words through the same.

7. Literature: Start reading the local literature to learn the language better. For example you can read poetries or even appear for literature tests to understand and improve on your mistakes for an improvised language.

8. Find a language buddy and native speaker: When you’re learning a foreign language, sometimes you notice that your pronunciations are a little off. May be you should then find a buddy who could help in improving it. Even a native speaker could be of assistance.

These eight steps will make it easy to learn to LSRW skills in the simplest manner.

The writer is the Managing Director, Sinhal Classes