‘Numbers’: Are they really important?

Higher Secondary Examination, WBCHSE, Kolkata, Bengal, West Bengal

Representational image. (Photo: iStock)

Many of us feel that numbers are important, the marks and percentage in the exams, the likes and number of comments on the pictures, the pounds on the weighing scale, the number of our certificates and trophies and many more.

Isn’t it strange that our entire life keeps revolving around these numbers while we actually forget to live? We don’t give much importance to the other little things and moments which can make life worth cherishing.

We don’t value people who love us unconditionally, we forget to be humble and grateful, we miserably fail to admire the lovely smiles on little faces, we do not focus on living a life of contentment, we never thank for the lovely life that we are living, we don’t walk in the rain, we stop cherishing the happy times spent with loved ones, we waste our time on people and things that won’t be with us for long, we live a superficial life the way others are doing, we don’t fight to be real… the way we truly are, we concentrate on getting all the worldly possessions, we live with bitterness and hatred for many, we let others use us as and when they want, we cry alone when we are hurt but never work on the people or reasons that cause the unhappiness, we expect always that people will understand and support us, we yearn to possess and enjoy all the luxuries, we are jealous to see others as they excel, we keep striving hard to do our best, we seem to be lost and alone most of the times, we fail to fight for what we deserve, we do not treat everyone kindly, we keep our fears deep down in our hearts, we are not there unconditionally when someone needs our support,  we are comfortable making friends with people having a high profile and status, we excel in hiding our true emotions, we hesitate to fight against the evil, we still do not talk about the ways in which we have been abused, we are not straight forward, we still do a lot for people who have stabbed us, we keep hoping that people will be nice to us because we have been the same always, we let others walk in and walk out of our lives as per their wish and sadly we still, focus on the numbers and most of the times forget to live.