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Blood & Brown Sugar: An amalgamation of motorcycles, guns, and heroin

If you are someone who has a soft corner for travelogues and crime genre, Blood and Brown Sugar is a must-read for you.

Akshita Singh | New Delhi |

Adventure, voyages, and travelogues have survived for a long time in our history which established conventional traditions for traveller writers to follow, but L. A. Nolan is going to breach such traditions with his upcoming book, “Blood and Brown Sugar”.

Motorcycle clubs and voyages are two of the most trending themes amongst youngsters these days. What else is famous among youngsters is “recreational substance”. The upcoming novel is a union of these three prominent components, adventure, drugs, and crime. Different from other crime genre novels, this novel delves deep into the happenings around the protagonist that drifted him to take the steps that he never thought he would take.

We all would agree that crime novels have created a huge amount of curiosity among the readers, and what mostly keeps engaging in such novels is the process of the psychological evolution of such dark characters. This novel also presents an in-detail account of the character development of the protagonist from a person leading a mundane life to a person dwelling in despair.

L. A. Nolan’s Blood with Brown Sugar is a novel where one could find a travelogue with the seasoning of societal set up of immoral practices. Through this novel, one could easily relate the vicious cycle of helplessness of those who are rat-trapped into this inescapable world of The Sinister.

The protagonist, Alex Crossman, is a simple young man in Canada, with a normal peaceful life until the circumstances change. His life takes a sudden turn and he is forced to travel to India and escort a club’s largest drug shipment home.

Alex’s journey to India brings a lot of changes to his lifestyle. At some moment, one would develop a soft corner for Alex and at another one would realize he is not the ideal one deserving a soft corner. He is leading a lifestyle fraught with tainted love back home and criminal tendency.

During his final showdown, Alex’s ego clash with his conscience depicts a heart-touching battle of dominance between good and evil, love and hate. His character develops the most important trait of human life in this phase of his journey-survival. This final showdown can be considered as the face-off between his soul and his sufferings.

If you are someone who has a soft corner for travelogues and crime genre, Blood and Brown Sugar is a must-read for you.

About the author & his views on his book:

L.A. Nolan, now a full-time writer was born in Toronto, Canada, in 1966 and the first Canadian-born member of his family whose roots are set firmly in Liverpool, England. After graduation, he embarked on a back-breaking career in pipefitting. Never fully settled, he began fiction writing in the late 1980s after earning a short story and fiction composition diploma from Granton University.

He experienced some early success in monthly magazines. The destination made him settle in India and many years of extensive travel through Asia ensued. Motorcycling became his focus in 2014 and Nolan joined a motorcycle club. He crisscrossed the country with reckless abandon, then after breaking several bones on a desolate mountainside in the Himalayas, he returned to New Delhi and refocused on his true passion of novel writing.

Talking about the idea behind this book Author and his wife expressed – “I am confident that, with the explosion of motorcycle club culture in India at its peak, and the recent deluge of news headlines concerning the Narcotics Control Bureau’s activities, Blood & Brown Sugar is a relevant and contemporary work of fiction that will strike a nerve in its readers,” said L.A. Nolan, Author of Blood & Brown Sugar.

“Blood & Brown Sugar is a fast-paced thrill ride from Delhi to Goa. The interweaving of the story between Canada to India and the twists and turns of the subplots from the supporting characters make this novel a serious page-turner! For this read, you will need a seatbelt. It’s one hell of a ride!” said Ruth Changsan Nolan, Author’s Wife, Chief Engineer in Mumbai Railway Vikas Corporation (MRVC).