Book Review

Book Review: ‘WE Mean Business – 20 Women Entrepreneurs, 20 Stories’

The increasing presence of women as entrepreneurs has led to significant business and economic growth in the country. Women-owned business enterprises play a prominent role in society by generating employment opportunities in the country, bringing in demographic shifts, and inspiring the next generation of women founders.

At the top of his craft

The events at Jallianwala Bagh in Amritsar more than a century ago are a part of the collective memory of Indi- ans and while history has documented what happened that fateful Baisakhi day in considerable detail, Sarna’s pen - and his imagination – take us into the lives of characters who must have existed if only because he has etched them so dexterously. 

Book Review: A call for justice: Anita Nahal’s words and images are like magnet

Durga, Sita, Draupadi are women who join the pantheon of rebel figures who had to assert their selfhood over and above the position granted to them by society. The cause of the “native Indians” in America and Canada entering this purview as well for Bury my Heart at Wounded Knee is a text that the poet remembers well. “Isn’t equality the only color?”