Bigg Boss Season 12 is getting interesting with each passing day. In today’s episode, the contestants had to battle for captaincy.  And the captaincy task come with an interesting twist, with journalist Sweta Singh appearing on the show.

Let’s see what happened in the Bigg Boss house today:

Captaincy task—Breaking News:

Surbhi and Deepak turn into reporters and have to find news in the house. Surbhi goes to Somi and says the Happy Club is broken. On the other hand, Deepak goes to Megha, and she confesses that she is just a wild card and not a contestant in the house. The first round is won by Surbhi.

Megha’s outburst:

Megha says her statement about approaching the Women’s Commission on leaving the house is true. Deepak says she is spreading fake news to which she gets agitated, as Deepak talks to Jasleen about this matter and Megha threatens to slap him. Megha spits and throws a shoe at him. As the reporting ends, Sweta Singh passes her judgment and Deepak wins a point in this round.

Negative vibes in the house:

Jasleen and Somi indulge in a heated argument. On the other hand, Deepak asks Karanvir and Srishty about the presence of ghost and negative vibes in the house. As the reporting ends, Deepak and Surbhi win one point each in the round.

Sreesanth’s confession:

Sreesanth reveals unknown facts about his controversies and also about his misunderstanding with Harbhajan Singh. Sreesanth talks about it and says both people were at fault and clarifies everything saying he loves him. The task is won by Surbhi and she becomes the new captain.

Sreesanth upset with Rohit:

In the middle of the task, Rohit comes and comments on Sreesanth that he is the biggest flip and never completes a task. He gives him a name, ‘Flipsanth’, and the cricketer gets upset.

Tomorrow, a new fight will take place in the house between Dipika and Deepak.