The Bigg Boss Season 12 is in its finale week and Bigg Boss is adding new elements each day to make the show more fun. In Friday’s episode, Vikas Gupta and Jay Bhanushali entered the show and played a question-answer round with the housemates.

Let’s see what happened inside the house:

Question-answer round:

Vikas Gupta, Jay Bhanushali and Sweta Singh enter the house. Vikas and Sweta call Deepak on the hot seat wherein Romil defends Deepak and says he is only irritating and not aggressive. On the other hand, Vikas defends Deepak and appreciates his journey that he has made from a small town to the show.

Mastermind of the house—Sreesanth:

Vikas says Sreesanth has also used abusive language, to which Dipika takes a stand and says that the housemates have seen a real transformation of Sreesanth in the house. Karanvir states that Sreesanth always brings up his cricket-related issues in a conversation.

Dipika defends herself:

Dipika is told that she hasn’t made relations with anyone expect Sreesanth. To this, she says she is proud that she has made one relation in the house, and that is for lifetime. Further, she says she wishes that she and Sreesanth become two finalists.

As the task ends, Sreesanth becomes emotional and cries that he has never said he is a celebrity. Dipika consoles him.

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