A squall accompanied by a thunderstorm this morning led to water-logging of streets in the city and uprooting of several trees in different wards of the Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC).

The Alipore weather office has predicted more spells of rain/thundershower in the next few days in the city while the Indian Coast Guard (ICG) has its ships and aircraft on round-the-clock surveillance on the West Bengal and Odisha coast, and in deeper waters to caution boats at sea to return to harbour.

The KMC was on war footing today to clear the trees that caused traffic disruption while collected water was drained off in the affected areas.

Spells of thundershower today from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. led to water-logging in many wards of the KMC.

As per total rainfall data recorded by the KMC control room, areas such as Maniktala recorded 41 mm, Chetla Lock Gate 51 mm, Ballygunge 46 mm, Palmer Bridge 44 mm and Belgachia 39 mm of rain.

Due to the bouts of heavy rainfall, areas of North Kolkata such as in Muktaram Babu Street, witnessed heavy water-logging. Pedestrians had to wade through the water while vehicles moved at a snail’s pace, causing traffic congestion in the area. KMC workers opened the man-holes on the street to drain the water.

Similar scenes were sighted in a few other areas in North and South Kolkata.

Meanwhile, due to strong wind, trees were uprooted in areas like Belvedere Road near National Library and in Dhakuria Road.

KMC workers were quick to remove the trunks by cutting them into pieces. The weather department has forecast more rainy weather for a few more days. Spells of rains and thunderstorms are likely to occur but the intensity may fall off from tomorrow, according to Meteorology department officials.

Due to high swelling waves with height exceeding four metres along and off West Bengal and Odisha coastal areas, fishermen have been advised to not venture out to sea for the next 48 hours.

The Indian Coast Guard (ICG) headquarters in Kolkata has issued an advisory to fishermen in this regard, following the formation of a depression in the North Bay of Bengal.

The ICG ships and aircraft are on high alert and continuing round-the- clock surveillance of Odisha and West Bengal coast and in deeper waters to warn boats at sea to return to harbours.

In addition to issuing warnings through official channels, the ICG has also been alerting the fishing community by personally visiting their hamlets, issuing bulk SMS to fishermen/boat owners, and issuing advisories through the media.

Weather officials informed that maximum temperature for the day went up to 30.2 degree while the minimum temperature was around 25.6 degree.

The maximum humidity is recorded as 97 per cent while the minimum humidity is 83 per cent.

Though the temperature may rise a little from tomorrow, with maximum and minimum temperature record predicted to be around 33 and 27 degree Celsius. Rainfall over the last 24 hours was around 61.6 mm.