Prime minister Narendra Modi on Monday gave a clarion call for an “asol parivartan (real change)” in West Bengal.

Addressing a public meeting at Sahaganj Dunlop ground in Bandel, he lashed out at the Trinamul Congress government, blaming it for the prevailing pathetic condition in the sectors of agriculture, industries, transportation and connectivity besides basic amenities. He said the Mamata Banerjee government has deprived common people including farmers, educated youths and the poor of the central government beneficiary schemes and projects.

Modi said in the Trinamul Congress rule in Bengal, the common people have been victimised by cut money, tola baazs and syndicates.

“The ruling party follows the vote bank policy. None of the central government beneficiary schemes and projects has been implemented deliberately in the state by the state government thus depriving the common people of their legal rights for improvement of the standard of living.”

He added: “It is really strange that only nine lakh houses in the villages have water connections and several lakhs of houses in the villages are deprived of pure drinking water. Nearly Rs 1,700 crore was provided to the state government to reach water connection to every house in the villages, but the state government has only spent Rs 609 crore and the left amount has been misused.”

Modi gave a call to change the Trinamul Congress government and bring the BJP to power in the state for better governance and overall development.

He assured the gathering that all the closed jute mills and factories will be made functional and said the central government has made the use of gunny bags mandatory for the packing of wheat, sugar and other grains and cereals.

“The potato and paddy growers have been cheated and looted in the state by the middlemen. The BJP will provide freedom to the farmers to sell their products where they can get more profit. It will provide good governance free of corruption and create job opportunities for a large number of youths in the state so that they need not have to move to other states to seek jobs.”

Modi added that the BJP government has laid much stress on modern infrastructure development in railways, roadways, airways and waterways. “Fast connectivity can bring a rapid change in the economy of a country,” he said. On Monday he also declared metro services from Noapara to Dakhineswar open.