Two blocks of Malda district- -Habibpur and Bamongola were cut off from each other after the Malda-Nalagola state highway caved in near the Begunbari area under the Habibpur police station this morning. As the portion of the road that caved in is near a culvert, the incident has raised questions on the quality of construction work carried out there.

However, officials blamed the heavy rainfall as solely responsible for the incident.

“A road stretch of around 10 metres on the state highway collapsed this morning, bringing to a grinding halt all traffic movement, including ambulances and public vehicles. Commuters had a harrowing time,” local sources said.

An official from the block administration reached the spot and inspected the damage. “The road was recently repaired by some agency and the administration should take immediate action,” some locals demanded, even as they expressed shock over the incident on the road and culvert that was recently repaired.

“Primarily, it appears to be the result of incessant rainfall in the area. Emergency work is underway to restore communication between the two blocks,” Habibpur Block development Officer, Subhajit Jana, said.