Councillors of the Kolkata Municipal Corporation have been engaged in social works through which they are helping the poor in the city to survive the lockdown that has been imposed to prevent transmission of the Covid-19. The KMC has gone on a war footing to extend all possible municipal services to citizens to help them survive the lockdown.

The state governmentimposed restrictions which have been put in place and include shutting down restaurants and shops, and asking all to stay home. Several homeless who dwell on pavements of the city, have been left to their own resources without food and shelter.

On normal days, most of these pavement dwellers depend on the roadside shops which distribute food to them. Bapi Ghosh, councillor of ward number 7 in Baghbazar, has taken the responsibility to provide food and shelter to at least 200 people residing within five police stations areas-Shyampukur, Battala, Sinthi, Jorabagan and Tala.

“It is in these times that people need utmost help. We are remembered through our noble deeds. I have arranged for shelter for around 150 people. Several of them have been kept at a KMC community hall – Aikatan. They are being provided with meals, three times a day,” Mr Ghosh said.

He added that health department officers are also conducting check-ups to see if their health conditions are normal. Several among these people hardly get a proper meal in their otherwise daily lives. These are hard times and they need to be looked after. Councillor of ward number 85 and member, Mayorin- council Debashish Kumar has taken up an initiative to arrange for a one-time meal for the poor.

Mr Kumar has been distributing meals to the poor in his ward. The initiative has been taken up by Tridhara Club which is involved in various social works that cater to the poor. Food items such as flatbread, rice, vegetable items, cooked lentil are being distributed.

People are queuing up with bowls, plates and whatever utensils they have in their possession. At the same time, councillor of ward number 58 and MMIC Swapan Samaddar is also carrying out relief measures in his ward. The councillor has arranged for delivering food to families of patients who are admitted in the BC Roy hospital at Phoolbagan.