On Tuesday when rebel Trinamool Congress (TMC) leader Suvendu Adhikari continued with his indirect attack at the party, MP Kalyan Banerjee hit back and demanded clarity from him.

“Either stay with TMC or leave. Don’t do romance with both,” Banerjee said at an event in Bandel in West Bengal’s Hooghly district where Railways have asked for eviction of several slums around the railway tracks. TMC’s event was in protest of Railways’ notice.

However, as time passed, the theme of the meeting changed from the Railway notice to Adhikari’s mutiny. “Mamata Banerjee will be West Bengal CM till her last breath. No one had the gutts to fight and win against CPIM. She had fasted for 26 days to get peasents their land back.”

Adhikari, who is currently serving as the Minister in Charge of Transport, Irrigation and Water resource in Govt. of West Bengal, is known for expressing disappointment towards his party for not being given position as other senior members.

On Tuesday, his event under the banner of ‘Bhumi Ucched Protirodh Committee (BUPC)’, had gathered the attention of political experts as many thought that Adhikari would finally break his silence about his sour relationship with TMC.

Even though the Nandigram MLA officially remained a member of West Bengal’s governning party, he gave some strong hints about his disenchantment with TMC.

He said, “Yes, I’ll speak. Where did I stumble in politics, where is my path filled with obstructions, where do I lack comfort. I’ll speak about everything. But not today. Not from the stage of Committee against Land Acquisition.”

One of the architects of TMC’s Nandigram revolution, the 49-year-old MLA is still a major force of the party’s ground-level organisation in the state. Many Consider the Nandigram representative as second biggest crowd puller of TMC after Mamata Banerjee herself.

However, as has been the norm with TMC, Mamata Banerjee has never allowed anyone to come near her in terms of matching the political aura. Instead of giving him a senior leadership role, Adhikari has been kept in check ever since the reports of his despondency started to emerge.

In fact, dismissing the claim about Adhikari’s authority during the Nandigram movement, Kalyan Banerjee said that like Singur Mamata Banerjee was the leader there as well. He stated that Adhikari’s task was always assigned by the TMC supremo.

Meanwhile, Bengali media has been filled with reports of BJP trying to poach him for some time. Even though Adhikari has never hinted about switching to the saffron camp, his unhappiness at TMC has been an open secret for some time now.