Chief minister Mamata Banerjee today alleged that the BJP at the Centre was misusing Central agencies such as the CBI and the ED against some actors in the state either to pressurise them into joining the BJP or browbeat them into implicating influential leaders of the ruling Trinamul Congress in ponzy scams.

The TMC chief said BJP will not succeed in its witchhunting tactics by using the central agencies to try and checkmate the Trinamul Congress.

Addressing a rally at Esplanade on the occasion of the party’s Martyrs’ Day programme, the chief minister said, “Satabdi (party MP and actress Shatabdi Roy) told me that she was again summoned by the ED after the Lok Sabha polls. Not only Shatabdi, Prosenjit, Rituparna (actors) too had got summons. But they won’t be able to stop the growth of the state under Trinamul rule.”

Going a step further, Miss Banerjee said: “They are even trying to exert pressure on one in jail (Saradha CEO Sudipto Sen) to reveal the name of an influential leader of the party allegedly involved in the ponzy scam to tarnish the party’ image. Not only that, they are even trying to engineer defection in the party by asking those being interrogated to talk to the BJP leadership”.

“We have fought 34 years of CPI-M misrule, but never indulged in persecution of Opposition members. But, the BJP having bagged 18 seats is trying to flex its muscles.”

Training her guns on the CPI-M and the Congress, Ms Banerjee said: “You are not fighting the BJP. You should remember you should not do something which will be detrimental to the party. We don’t need your cooperation but you should do your own politics.”

Earlier, in the Assembly, the chief minister had urged the CPI-M and the Congress to join the Trinamul in fighting the BJP. She, however, stressed the need for not splitting antiBJP votes.

In the same breath she said : “Those CPI-M goons who had unleashed terror during the 34 years of Left rule are now working at the behest of the BJP. They are the assets of the BJP.”