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Confusion over RBI’s instruction on currency notes
| 04 January, 2014

Balurghat, 3 January
The common people from South Dinajpur are far from being assured despite Reserve Bank of India having denied to have issued any notice on not accepting currency notes with scribbling on them.
Rumour spread in the district along with the rest of the state that from 1 January 2014 RBI would not accept bank notes with anything written on them. As per a Press Release- no2013-14/1311- issued on 31 December 2013, RBI has urged the people not to lend credence to such rumours. It further clarified it had not issued any such instructions as was being purported to it.
It is also learnt from the RBI Press Release that RBI had earlier issued instructions on 14 August 2013 only to the banks, advising them to instruct their staff not to scribble or write anything on the currency notes. It said that the staffs of banks are themselves in the habit of scribbling on the notes in violation of the RBI’s Clean Note Policy (CNP).  Sources said RBI also had asked the common people to desist from writing or scribbling on the notes to keep them clean.  However, the RBI release has not fully allayed the fear of the common people. “Our fear on this score still persists,” said a local Balurghat resident, Mr Samar Saha.
Placed in this situation with the traders refusing to take notes with things scribbled on them from the buyers, the management of the nationalised banks have decided to give wide publicity to the RBI release.

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