The Naxalite outfit CPIML (Liberation), which is partnering with the Left Front in joint movements, has sharply criticised the CPI-M for its move to form an alliance with the Congress in the coming Assembly poll in Bengal. ‘We have just no clue as to what prompted the CPIM to deviate from its 21st party Congress stand to maintain equidistance from both the Congress and the BJP and seriously explore the possibility of joining hands with the Congress which is known for its procapitalist stand, corruption and anti-people policies’, CPI-ML (Liberation) politburo member Kartick Pal and state secretary Partha Ghosh said.

Alleging that a ‘section of vested interests within the CPI-M’ has given such an open call to the Congress, they said ‘it is reprehensible that they have asked Congress to spell which side they are in, knowing its fully well that Congress is a party plagued by rampant corruption, and its antipeople policies have spelt disaster for the country in the recent past’.

‘We are surprised that these interested quarters within the CPI-M have dared to violate the party Congress resolution’, the CPIML leaders said, adding that ‘any poll understanding or alliance with Congress will prove counter-productive and rather strengthen hands of the oppressive Trinamul Congress’.

They appealed to all left forces to strengthen left unity and unitedly fight the ‘anti-people’ ruling Trinamul Congress. On the other hand, the CPI-M and the Congress termed chief minister Mamata Banerjee’s critical comment at Burdwan earlier in the day on the proposed poll tie-up with Congress as a ‘panic reaction of the Trinamul Congress supremo’, and asked her ‘to mind her own business’ instead of making any suggestion for the Left parties. ‘It’s obvious from her reaction that she is getting scared of the recent developments since till the other day she was claiming the CPI-M had hardly any existence in the state, whereas the Congress in Bengal was politically finished’, CPIM poitburo member Md Selim, MP, said.

PCC chief Adhir Chowdhury said the Trinamul chief had only betrayed her nervousness by crying herself hoarse about a proposed alliance between the Congress and the Left even before "the political realignment ‘ had actually taken place.