In order to prevent Covid surge in the rural areas in Uttar Pradesh, the Yogi Adityanath government is going to launch a mega testing campaign for Covid infection in all the revenue villages of the state from May 5.

The Chief Minister, while presiding over a high-level Covid review meeting, said that the rural areas have been a matter of huge concern and we have to protect the villages from the Covid spread.

To curb the Covid numbers in rural areas, the government has decided to ramp up testing in around 97,409 revenue villages of 75 districts. The focus is to contain the spread of the infections in rural areas.

“We have to protect villages from Covid infection at any cost. There is a need for special vigilance in the villages. In such a situation, a massive campaign of Covid testing should be conducted in all the 97,409 revenue villages of the state”, he directed.

The initiative starting from May 4, aims to drive down Covid-19 rates and transmission in the rural areas by identifying positive cases.

The Chief Minister has asked the officials to make all the necessary preparations.

The number of RRTs (Rapid Response Teams) should be increased to check Covid spread in the villages of each district.

Members of RRTs should make door-to-door visits and check body temperatures, record oxygen level and check for other symptoms in people who are into home isolation.

The Chief Minister also ordered the health department to complete preparations for the successful implementation of this large testing drive which will begin from Tuesday.

“We are hoping that the villagers will recognize the benefits of getting tested to help reduce the spread of the virus,” said a government spokesman.

Yogi Adityanath asked the officials to seek help from the monitoring committees. Those who are found unwell or those who tested positive, should be given treatment according to Covid medical protocols.

While giving instructions to the team, the Chief Minister further said, “Based on their condition, they should either be admitted to the hospital or placed in home isolation. Those found infected, should also be provided with a medical kit”.

On the instructions of the Chief Minister, around 60,569 surveillance committees (‘nigrani samiti’) have been set up in 58,194 Gram Panchayats to provide relief and timely medical facilities to the villagers against the deadly second wave.

Surveillance committees are working to provide medical kits to the corona infected patients, creating awareness for vaccination, tele calling services, maintaining social distancing, use of masks, washing hands, etc. in villages and cities.

Surveillance committees are also arranging isolation facilities for people detected with Covid symptoms.

Special attention is paid to the identification and treatment of the elderly above 60 years, pregnant women and young children and people suffering from morbidity. It is with the effort of these surveillance committees that the number of patients infected with corona is reducing in villages.