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How to stay healthy amidst Pandemic? Know with the experts

Stay physically active, practice a workout routine, and if that is difficult make sure brisk walking is included in the daily routine.

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This pandemic has resulted in various complications. The after-effects of the coronavirus have disturbed the population on a larger scale. Experts suggest keeping the body fit by eating healthy and leading an active lifestyle.

Dr. Naresh Trehan, Founder of Medanta Hospital

People who have heart-related disorders are at more risk as their condition might deteriorate and may cause heart failure. As their condition makes them vulnerable to the Covid they need to be extra careful and follow the tips which will save their life.

Further, he says avoid exposure to the virus and wear proper masks and follow the covid guidelines.


Stay physically active, practice a workout routine, and if that is difficult make sure brisk walking is included in the daily routine.

Reduce those extra kilos as they are going to increase your cholesterol and blood pressure levels.

Dr. Hansa Yogendra, Director of The Yoga Institute

According to her, people these days see Yoga as a form of physical training, but it is much more than that. It is the sum total of psychology, philosophy, and technology. To attain peace within the human body; mind and soul should also be balanced.

“Sometimes dealing with your emotions can really be frustrating and they can affect your mental health. But you need to manage them for mental peace” she states further.


Since Yoga is a sum total of three things it will help keep the mental and physical disturbances away.

Instead of practicing so many poses, do a few asanas regularly with a purpose which is full of determination.

Dr. Mukesh Sharda, Founder of Dr. Sharda Ayurveda

“’Ayurveda relies on the methodology whose basis lies in eradicating the root cause of the disease. With a naturally assisted treatment, it gives you no side effects and it also acts against the reversibility of autoimmune diseases.” says, the Ayurvedic expert Dr. Mukesh Sharda.

“In addition, the ideology of the treatment is the inclusion of natural herbs in the diet and modifications in lifestyle will show you fabulous and desired results related to your health.” she goes on about it.


The natural herbs and spices present in your kitchen are easy remedies to fight against diseases and they also act as an immunity booster.

A plant-based diet should be preferred as a vegetarian diet plays a pivotal role in balancing internal and external physiology. Additionally, the mental state remains calm.

Dr. Mukesh Batra, Founder Dr. Batra group of companies

Post covid the symptoms are going to exist among the people such as lung issues, hair loss, and gastric problems. As the pioneer of modern homeopathy, he states, “The medications are used to improve the immunity and helps in the recovery of post covid symptoms.”


To see the efficacy of the disease, you need to quit the alcohol/tobacco/smoking as they nullify the effect of the medicines.

For the treatment to work efficiently you must take the right amount of doses.

Lovneet Batra, Dietician and Nutritionist

“There are so many food items that we don’t eat because we don’t like their taste or there are some other reasons related to them. But one must remind themselves about the nutrition they possess and what benefits will they provide us”, says the famous Lovneet Batra.

She further suggests taking a healthy and balanced diet which is going to help them live a fit/healthy life.


Do not starve yourself rather have small meals.

Eat slowly and mindfully, as it will help you to eat fewer calories and lose weight accordingly.