Bhubaneswar, 4 October
The state government has asked the concerned departments to work out an integrated development plan for bridging critical gaps in infrastructure development and livelihood promotion of particularly vulnerable tribal groups (PVTG).
The PVTGs include Boihor, Mankidia, hill Khadia, Juanga, Lodha and Paudibhuyan, Soura, Kutia Kondha, Dongaria Kondha, Lanjia Soura, Bonda, Diyadi and    Chuktia Bhunjia. They speak mostly the ethnic language with their own dialect. Official sources said today 13 PVTGs out of 75 tribes identified in India live in the state. They mostly live in 541 habitations spread across 20 blocks of 12 districts. The matter of the PVTG communities’ welfare was discussion in a meeting chaired by chief secretary Mr Jugal Kishore Mohapatra.“There are many critical gaps in road connectivity, power and water supply to these areas, which need focused attention,” said a senior official.
Mr Mohapatra directed the department to integrate the land given to tribals under Forest Rights Act (FRA) and reflect it in their land holding status.
The meeting resolved to augment interventions in primary sectors through suitable non-farm and off-farm livelihood measures.
The meeting also directed officials to prioritise development of basic communication infrastructure for plying of Janani Express and mini transport vehicles.The other objectives of the intervention will be infrastructure linkages for enhancement of livelihoods for 19,000 PVTG households and strengthening of community level institutions.
Mr Mohapatra also asked the district officials to work out specific projects and send it to the respective departments for feasibility examination within a month.