Maryam Nawaz, Vice President of the PML-N and the daughter of former Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, shared two more video clips to corroborate her claim that Accountability Judge Arshad Malik allegedly met a PML-N “sympathiser” to confess that he had been “pressurised and blackmailed” to convict her father, according to reports on Thursday.

On July 6, a video purported to be about the conversation between Judge Malik and PML-N supporter Nasir Butt was played on a screen projector during a presser called by Maryam at the Pakistan Muslim League – Nawaz’s provincial headquarters in Lahore, Dawn News reported.

Earlier in the month, the presiding judge, Arshad Malik had rejected Maryam’s allegations, saying that Nawaz Sharif was convicted on the basis of evidence.

During a press briefing in Lahore last week, the PML-N leader claimed that Nawaz “will be released, and will become Prime Minister once more — but this time more powerful than ever before”.

Maryam shared two videos on Twitter on Wednesday, in one of which, Judge Malik’s “official car with a green number plate” was seen coming to escort Butt, who then allegedly follows the car to the Judge’s residence.

The video “belies all claims of Judge Arshad Malik that he mentioned in his press release,” she claimed.

The second video shows Butt entering the Judge’s residence. “Judge Arshad Malik comes in, greets Nasir and switches the lights on,” Maryam wrote.

The PML-N leader also demanded the resignation of the country’s incumbent leader Imran Khan last week and said, “Give your resignation! Go home!” and urged the crowds to chant along with her.”