US First Lady Melania Trump has announced the appointment of Anna Cristina Niceta Lloyd as the White House Social Secretary, an official statement said.

Niceta Lloyd, also known as Rickie, along with the First Lady, will be responsible for the planning and execution of events that take place at the White House, the statement issued late Wednesday from the Office of the Press Secretary.

She will oversee all social events and gatherings, from Official State Dinners, White House social calendar events, official policy-related events, to the First Lady's initiatives.

"Rickie brings with her over twenty-two years of solid diplomatic, political and social entertaining experience," Melania Trump said.

"I am looking forward to sharing my ideas and traditions of entertaining and social hospitality to America's house, my new home as well. That, along with Rickie's vast experience, I am even more excited."

According to the statement, Niceta Lloyd has worked with both Democratic and Republican Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies (JCCIC) leadership in planning the last five presidential inaugurations.

During her time at Design Cuisine — creative catering and event styling providing fine dining for political, corporate, and social events in Northern Virginia, Montgomery county, and Washington — she assisted the State Department's Office of Protocol in executing numerous state luncheons, summits and conferences.

Most recently she executed events during President Donald Trump's 58th Presidential Inaugural Committee celebrations.