Baripada, 25 October
The flood situation in Mayurbhanj district has worsened due to the continuous rains in the last couple of days with water level in several rivers rising.
Official sources said that the two major rivers, Budhabalanga and Ganghar in Barasahi block, are in spate and the condition would be grimmer if rains continue. “Several areas have been marooned and water-logged. The condition of the villagers is pathetic as they are yet to recover from the flood that followed Phailin. The two floods in quick succession have affected lakhs of people,” said a senior district official. He informed that several localities like Madhuban, Prafullanagar, Lalbazar, Kalimandir Sahi and Deulsahi areas in Baripada municipality are also reeling under acute flood situation. Standing crop on thousands of acres of land has been badly affected throughout the district.
According to official sources, at least 18 major roads have been submerged disrupting communication in several places. The Baisinga-Udala PWD road is cut-off at Manitri, while many areas remained inaccessible. The connectivity between Udala and Barasahi, Barasahi and Baisinga, and Barasahi and Betnoti has been affected.
Collector Rajesh Pravakar Patil said that people living in vulnerable and low-lying areas of Baripada town and Barasahi have been evacuated.