US President Donald Trump paid his visit to the UK on Monday ahead of the NATO summit, arriving a London just 10 days before a crucial general election.

Taking to Twitter, Trump tweeted, “Since I took office, the number of NATO allies fulfilling their obligations more than DOUBLED”.

Fellow NATO leaders will be relieved that Trump, who derailed last year’s summit agenda with his demands, appears to be satisfied with how the allies have stepped up their military investment.

UK PM Boris Johnson will still be nervous that Trump’s presence will hurt him in the closing stages of the British election campaign.

The US leader is due to hold a number of bilateral meetings alongside the main summit over two days and to attend dinner with Queen Elizabeth at Buckingham Palace on Tuesday.

Last week, UK main opposition Labour party had accused PM Johnson of plotting a “toxic” deal with President Donald Trump to allow US pharmaceutical companies access to the state health service.

The UK goes to the polls on December 12, with Johnson hoping to secure a majority to be able to push through his divorce deal to take the country out of the European Union.

Johnson came under fire for alleged racism in his previous news articles and also for not releasing a report into Russian interference in the 2016 Brexit referendum, which he dismissed as “Bermuda Triangle stuff”.

Johnson is hopeful that the December 12 election will break the long impasse over Brexit and give his party a majority so he can extricate Britain from the European Union.