UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson is all set to meet his Irish counterpart Leo Varadkar for further talks to discuss the former’s Brexit proposals on Thursday.

The meeting between the two leaders will take place in the north-west of England, with Johnson still insisting the UK will leave the European Union (EU) with or without a deal on October 31, the BBC reported.

On Wednesday, Business Secretary Andrea Leadsom said that the PM was gearing up to bypass legal obstacles to a no-deal Brexit by sending one letter requesting an extension and, in the same instance, submitting a second memo telling European leaders he does not want one, the BBC reported.

On Tuesday, a similar sentiment was expressed by Varadkar, who had suggested that it would be “very difficult” for the UK and the EU to reach a Brexit agreement before the 31 October deadline.

Earlier in the week, Varadkar spoke to Johnson over the phone for 45 minutes and said that he would strive until “last moment” to reach a deal with the UK, but “not at any cost” to his country, Northern Ireland and the rest of Europe.

Last week, Johnson put forward fresh proposals for a Brexit, but Varadkar said, “big gaps” remain between the UK and the EU.