At least two people were killed and dozens injured when a Russian passenger plane crashed into a building while attempting to make an emergency landing in Eastern Siberia, according to officials.

The tragedy in Nizhneangarsk occurred after the plane skidded off the runway.

According to the regional government of Buryatia, the small An-24 aircraft was travelling from Ulan- Ude in Serbia and made an emergency landing at Nizhneangarsk airport.

Two crew members died in the crash and seven others were hospitalized, according to preliminary reports.

Another 43 passengers, including a child, survived.

The plane went 100 metres off the tarmac and “crashed into a waste treatment facility building”, an AFP reports said.

A spokesman for the Russian republic of Buryatia, Aleksey Fishev told Tass, “One of the engines failed when the plane took off. The crew took the decision to return to the airport”.