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Missing stork recovered to the relief of UP govt

Questioning the BJP government over the missing bird, Samajwadi Party president Akhilesh Yadav had warned that if they don’t find the bird immediately, bird lovers would agitate.

Statesman News Service | Lucknow |


In a respite to the Uttar Pradesh government, the forest sleuths have found the missing stork, which was released in the Samaspur Bird Sanctuary.

The forest officials went active after the stork, which was seized from one Arif of Amethi early this week, went missing. Samajwadi Party president Akhilesh Yadav had questioned the BJP Government about the disappearance of the bird.

Officials here said that the missing stork has been recovered from the nearby Samaspur area.

In a tweet on Thursday, Yadav had warned that the government should find the bird immediately otherwise the bird lovers would agitate.

The SP president wrote that the stork, which was forcefully taken away from Amethi by the state Forest Department and left in Samaspur of Rae Bareilly, is now missing. He had said that such negligence towards the state bird is a serious matter. The BJP government should immediately find the stork, otherwise the bird lovers of the whole world will agitate.

It may be noted that on Wednesday, Yadav had raised a strong objection to the snatching of a stork from Arif, a resident of Amethi, by the Forest Department and said that he went to Arif’s house to see the bird, so the forest department took the bird away.

Akhilesh said if the state chief minister wished, he could even name the missing stork, but first should find him and save his life. That stork is also as dear to the whole of UP as Golu is to the Chief Minister.

He also said whoever is with the Samajwadi Party is being harassed by the government. He had alleged that Azam Khan and his family were being victimized for being a SP leader.