Take the autumn road and travel to your heart’s content… If flowers bloom in spring time, trees bloom in autumn. If spring is beautiful, autumn is dreamlike. The trees burst forth with colours of autumn in profusion and cover the earth in shades of red, purple, mellow yellow, bright orange and golden brown. And if you are planning to travel before the winter cold sets in, some of the best places to visit are the beautiful, heavenly autumn countryside like in Vermont, Hampshire and Northern Italy. Take the autumn road and bask in its glorious blessings. 


autumn in Vermont
Old barn in beautiful Vermont (Getty Images)


Autumn in Vermont this year is said to be delayed owing to climate change and warmer weather.  However, of rural beauty, here is where one can witness the true colours of autumn at its best. 


Peak autumn foliage near rural Waits River in Vermont (Getty Images)


A quiet rural county, Vermont is known for its beautiful landscape. It gets even more beautiful during autumn. The vibrant autumn foliage paints the town with poetic colours. It’s dreamlike.


Hampshire, autumn
Fall foliage in the White Mountains Region of New Hampshire (Getty Images)


With lakes and mountains, beautiful Hampshire lies on the southern coast of England. It is the largest county in Southeast England and the gateway to the Isle of Wight.


The 34-mile Kancamagus Highway cuts an east-west channel through the White Mountain National Forest in New Hampshire (Getty Images)


Hampshire’s many tourist attractions include beautiful serene parks, ports and seaside resorts. Also popular for pumpkins, the Hampshire pumpkin festival will be held on October 14.


Sunrise at fall in Roman ruins, Roman Forum, Italy (Getty Images)


Of ancient beauty, Roman ruins in Italy continue to attract tourists. The soft autumn weather makes it an ideal time to visit the many ruins sprawled over the city. Some of the must-visit awe-inspiring ruins include the Arch of Titus, Atrium Vestae, Basilica Amelia, Castel Sant Angelo, Circus maximus and Coliseum.