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In the well of dreams


You have been dropping coins in the wishing well. But for your wishes and dreams to come true, you must travel to the well of dreams. Take a walk around the world. Perhaps, you will find the well of dreams. Once you find it, you can drown in its deep and spiraling space of wonders of the world for eternity.

Take off your silver spurs, leave your heavy bags behind and set out on a long journey to the well of dreams. The further you travel, the deeper you go, the closer is the well of dreams…

Tuscany landscape
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This autumn, take a walk or cycle around breathtaking Tuscany and bask in the rustic beauty of its wine-soaked villages.


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Bounty of grapes before harvesting season in Tuscany, Italy. Most of the villages and the rolling expanse are covered with neatly manicured farms and vinyards.


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The beautiful autumn sky hovering over the vineyards in Chianti, Italy.


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Farm of green olive groves and vineyards that stretch far and wide  in Tuscany, Italy.