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The ever-so-enticing ‘Mini Kabul’ of Delhi

The city never disappoints when it comes to giving surprises. The city is sea full of people with different cultures, ethnicities, religions and traditions. 

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Yes, in Delhi there is a very peculiar place, you can call ‘Mini Kabul’. It is a stone’s throw from one of Delhi’s busiest Bazaars–Lajpat Nagar.  Many folks from Afghanistan had moved to Delhi after 1979, when Russia invaded their country.  These refugees have created a  mini-Kabul in  South Delhi.

The city never disappoints when it comes to surprising us. It is an ocean full of people from different cultures, ethnicities, religions and traditions. 

The central market in Lajpat Nagar is known for the huge ‘footfall’ that it attracts from across the city. 

Being a refugee is the worst thing that can happen to anyone. You are forced to leave your home and move to some place else. However, you take some part of your ‘home’ along with you and that creates a new vibe in your place of refuge. This is what has happened in this little Afghanistani neighborhood of Lajpat Nagar-2. You don’t need to travel to Kabul to experience it, you can do it in Delhi itself.


Afghan cuisine and naans go hand-in-hand. It is probably the first thing you experience when you visit this mini Kabul. There is an array of stalls and shops selling authentic Afghani naans. It’s a true visual delight to see vivid varieties of flattened bread, showcased to be savored. It’s a common cultural affiliation of the Afghan people; they like to buy their regular bread from these community tandoors. You get these naans packed and enjoy it later with your homemade curry. 

Afghani Naan


Afghani Burger

One of the most interesting things that you would come across in this area is the Afghani burger. It’s an amalgamation of interesting flavors, wrapped together in thin naan-like flat bread. The burger would contain pieces of fried chicken, fresh fries, fresh veggies and sauces. It is a whole new definition of the term ‘burger’ and you would be surprised at the pricing. This thing is very decently priced!

Afghani Burger

A Gastronomical Adventure

The place is a true surprise to your taste-buds. Be it the kebabs or the chicken soup, anything that you try here is bound to leave you speechless. It is a completely different experience in terms of flavors and an escape from the regular. The place has a lot to offer in terms of food and snacks.  

Cultural Vibe

It’s a true fusion of cultures waiting to be explored. The roads here are filled with abaya-clad women and men wearing pathani suits. It is a different type of cultural sight and you are bound to be ‘teleported’ to a different dimension. The hoardings displayed outside shops are all dual-language, mostly in English and Pashto. At moments, you would be forced to ponder, if you truly are in Delhi!