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A wishing hill!

Asanna Gonmei | New Delhi |

Looking for a wishing well? A wishing hill is here! Samdruptse, meaning "a wish fulfilling hill", beckons you.

Majestic and awe-inspiring, in shimmering copper and gilt, the 45 metre high statue of Padmasambhava of the Samdruptse Monastery sits on a lotus plinth amidst the cold and grey cloud high up the Samdruptse ridge.

A marvel of a structure, walking up the several steps leading to the main portion of the temple makes you feel like you are climbing a stairway to heaven. At the top, a small waterway built around the statue adds life and beauty to it.

It's cold up here. There's hardly any human habitats nearby. Peaceful and heavenly, you feel one with the sky here.

The towering structure is said to be the highest statue of Guru Padamasambhava in the world. Also called Guru Rimpoche, the locals believe, over 1200 years ago, he blessed the place. Which is why the place is dedicated to him.

Overlooking the town, the picturesque view of the beautiful place from up here is ethereal. It's one of the main tourist attractions in South of Sikkim. The ridge is about 75 km from Gangtok, the capital of Sikkim, and seven km from Namchi town.

Namchi, meaning 'Sky high' in Sikkimese, is one of the 98 places identified for the central government smart city project. The headquarters of South district, this beautiful small town is drawing increasing number of tourists every year.

Now, after the visit to Samdruptse, a drive down and out 30 km away takes you to Tarey Bhir – an amazing three km-long ridge. Neatly cemented steps are built along the ridge. The thrilling way down leads to a village Sadam. With few visitors frequenting the place, the walk along the beautiful long ridge with breathtaking views of the lush green hills all around is a must for all travellers here.

From up the ridge here, you can watch the rivers rushing down below and the Temi tea garden spread over the hill in Peshok. Temi tea garden is the largest tea garden in the state. It could also be the most beautiful tea garden in the country.

Next time you visit the state, you must head down South. With unique places to visit, it's as beautiful and compelling as north and west Sikkim.

It being a tourist hub, there are many restaurants and lodges that offer a comfortable stay and good food. While the stay is quite cheap, food at restaurants is a little expensive. You can check out the smaller places, where the food is as exotic and taste as good.

When you travel to Sikkim, visit this small spiritual paradise of a hill where the weather is always fine and may your wish be fulfilled.