Samsung Electronics has taken home entertainment experience to a whole new level with its latest and first outdoor 4K QLED TV called ‘The Terrace’ with IP55 dust and water resistance rating.

The Terrace 4K QLED Smart TV comes in 55-inch, 65-inch and 75-inch models. As per reports, the 55-inch model is available at $3,455, the 65-inch is at $4,999, and the 75-inch display for $6,499.

Currently, the product is available in US and Canada and it will be rolled out in Germany, Australia, New Zealand, and other regions later this year.

“With the introduction of The Terrace, we are thrilled to transcend the connected living room experience to the outdoors by delivering on engineering feats and content experiences that only Samsung can achieve,” Jonghee Han, President of Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics, said in a statement.

The Terrace offers a crystal-clear display to increase visibility in all sorts of outdoor conditions. It provides a brightness level of 2,000 nits, ensuring that users will be able to enjoy content in vivid picture quality, even in broad daylight.

‘The Terrace’ boasts a 4K QLED panel with a 120Hz refresh rate, full-array local dimming, and Samsung’s Quantum processor for upscaling HD images to 4K.

It features three HDMI ports, a LAN port, a Toslink optical audio output, and a USB port.

Meanwhile, Samsung has also introduced the Terrace Soundbar. It offers dynamic sound that redefines the dimensions of home theater.

The Soundbar can sync with the Terrace TV’s audio via Bluetooth, in keeping with Samsung’s “no wires but the power cord” pitch for its new outdoor Terrace products.

The Terrace Soundbar will cost $1,200 and is slated to ship at the end of May.