You finally bought that dream phone with the latest specs and features and as you hold that bar of glistening glass and moulded metal in your hands, careful not to smudge the screen or scratch the surface, all you can think about is how to protect the precious device.

Fret not for we have compiled some basic and easy steps that you can follow to ensure that your phone survives the grit and grime of everyday life or worse if it gets nobbled.

Here are the top 5 tips:

1.       A screen guard: First and foremost, invest a puny amount in a good quality screen guard or tampered glass as it will go a long way in protecting the most vital part of the phone—its display screen. If the phone has a glass body, get a guard at the back as well.

2.       A sturdy case: You can get all kinds of cases made of metal, plastic, silicon, and even wood. However, it’s best to avoid the bulky ones and instead go for a lightweight silicon case that offers superior grip while not adding mass to the phone. If you’re a fan of minimalist designs, opt for a ‘bumper case’ that only covers the phone’s edges.

3.       Avoid phones in the loo: It’s so convenient to check Facebook and Twitter in the calm environs of the washroom and so is listening to that favorite track while showering. However, wet hands, a slippery floor, a bath tub full of water and that dreaded toilet bowl, there’s plenty that can go wrong in a bathroom.

4.       Mind those tight pockets: Don’t ever put your phone along with keys and coins in the same pocket, it’s a recipe for disaster as you’ll easily get scratches on the screen and the body. If you are one of those who keep their phones in the back pocket, always remember to take your device out before parking yourself to prevent a bendy phone.

5.       Get your device insured: This makes all the sense for high end phones. The insurance usually covers physical and liquid damage, fire damage and even theft. An insurance cover for a phone costing around Rs.10,000 usually starts at just Rs.600.