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OnePlus’s OxygenOS will be getting one-handed mode

OnePlus 7T Pro launch event the company unveiled an instant translation feature.

SNS | New Delhi |

Flagship killer Oneplus has predominantly mastered the best Android skins OxygenOS. It offers a near-stock Android experience, while still packing some essential features and customization options.

OnePlus pays close attention to customer feedback and keeps modifying the OS with each successive update. There has been a key reason for its success. For the case, at the recent OnePlus 7T Pro launch event the company unveiled an instant translation feature. It aims to help users communicate without any language barriers. The feature is under development under OxygenOS.

During the AMA on OnePlus’ forums, a concerned user asked if OnePlus was working on implementing a one-handed mode. Their question was based on the fact that devices are getting longer and wider, making them difficult to use.

In response, OnePlus’ Software Product Manager Zed Z. said, “We are working on the one hand mode. Please stay tuned.” However, the company revealed no further information about the upcoming mode or its release date.

It is to be noted that OnePlus is one of the only few manufacturers that doesn’t include a one-handed mode in its Android skin. Most other manufacturers, including Xiaomi, Samsung, Vivo, etc., have been offering a one-handed mode on their respective skins for quite some time. The mode really comes in handy while using devices with large bezel-less display, as it brings all of the UI elements closer to the chin of the phone.

In the last couple of months, OnePlus has added a slew of useful features to OxygenOS. There’s the native screen recorder, challenges in ZenMode, home screen-only app layout for the OnePlus launcher, and even some India-specific features.

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