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Google News discontinues digital magazines in News

Google also promised to refund all the dues of the active subscribers.

SNS | New Delhi |

Google is discontinuing a product from its news section. It is the print replica magazines in Google News that comprise PDF versions of printed magazines like Rolling Stone or Conde Nast Traveller and others.

As per Android Police Report, the tech-giant sent an email to current magazine subscribers to inform them about the discontinuation with an immediate effect. Google also suggested that readers could still visit a magazine’s website if they wish to read the e-version of the magazine.

“Publishers can continue selling content on Google News in the form of paywalled RSS-based publications – it is only the support for the sale of discrete digital files that is changing,” read the Google email.

Google also promised to refund all the dues of the active subscribers.

“If you have an outstanding subscription, the full amount will be refunded to you somewhere during the next month or so, depending on payment method,” Android Police report said.

However, users will continue to have access to all issues you previously subscribed to in the Google News app, in the Following or Favorites tab, depending on your app version.

“To continue to read the latest articles, we encourage you to search for that publication in Google News, or visit the publication’s website,” said Google.

The company launched its first Play Magazine App back in 2012, which was folded in the newsstand before it was dumped in the Google News. The main idea behind the concept was to give publishers control on how their articles were being presented or viewed online.

(With input from agencies)