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Google Cloud, Reckitt Benckiser to boost data driven marketing strategies

RB will also run its own ML and auto-ML models, generating insights to optimise media spend.

SNS | New Delhi |


Reckitt Benckiser (RB) has announced a collaboration and all set to embark on a data-driven push and refine its product marketing strategies with Google Cloud, which subsequently will drive stronger customer engagement and India is one of the key markets for testing use cases for the company.

UK-based firm RB specialises in the manufacturing of consumer health, hygiene and nutrition products. IT is currently testing use cases on data in the UK, the US, Brazil and India.

“RB will use Google’s machine learning [ML] capabilities to evaluate return on investment and plan future campaigns more effectively,” the companies said in a joint statement.

Once digitised in Google Cloud, RB will use the tech giant’s machine learning (ML) capabilities to evaluate ROI and plan future campaigns more effectively.

“Only by utilising data will we be able to better serve consumers and shoppers and create meaningful experiences for them,” said Fabrice Beaulieu, EVP Group Marketing Excellence and EVP Category Development Organisation Hygiene at RB.

RB will create more natural digital journeys as consumers go from awareness, to purchase, to advocacy, while always respecting data privacy.

RB’s new digital hubs across the globe will drive consistency and further efficiencies with its marketing teams, while also enabling quick scale up of these capabilities prioritized for the top 50 brand-market combinations the hygiene business holds.

“Consumer goods companies can take advantage of their proximity to the customer to build entirely new insights and capabilities based on data,” said Chris Ciauri, President EMEA, Google Cloud.