Facebook has come out with a new product for its user group comprising teenagers. The social media network has launched Youth Portal, which it claims will be a platform for teens to get information on “all things Facebook”.

On the portal, the young adults can find general tips, insider tricks, privacy and safety information. Teens can also get to hear from peer groups about the issues that matter to them in the online space.

As per a latest blog post by Facebook Global Head of Safety Antigone Davis and Global Policy Programs Manager Karuna Nain, this is the Youth Portal offers:

* The new portal will educate teens on how to get the most out of Facebook’s products like Pages, Groups, Events, and Profile, while staying safe online.

* It will also have information on the types of data Facebook collects and how it uses them.

* There will be first person accounts from teens around the world about how they use technology

* Tips on security, reporting content, and deciding who can see what you share

* It will also tell you what to do for a social media break.

* There will also be some guidelines on how to get the most out of the internet

Available in 60 languages, the portal can be reached at facebook.com/safety/youth

Facebook claims to be also exploring new ways to bring these tips directly to teens on Facebook.

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“Earlier this month we started showing tips for teens in News Feed, like how to control who sees what on your profile, and links to the Bullying Prevention Hub,” says the post.

To build the portal, Facebook spoke with groups of teens in the UK, Italy, the US and Brazil.

“We also got input at events like our Safer Internet Day workshops in São Paulo, the #WeMatter youth forum in Canada, and our Global Safety Network summits. We’re holding more roundtables over the next several months to keep learning from young people about how they use Facebook,” the post adds.

With a special emphasis on online safety of teens, Facebook has recently taken on its Safety Advisory Board the Project Rockit, which is an organisation dedicated to tackling bullying in school communities.