Wrestling Federation of India

Different strokes

Singh cannot run for presidency in the WFI but he is so powerful a politician that the wrestlers think he will hold the string his hand-picked puppets will dance on once a few new faces are bunged into the federation.

Mumbai climax

Not for nothing is politics described as the art of the possible: twists and turns in a story finally lead to the box-office climax when all knotty entanglements that rise transiently above human IQ to paint a gloomy forecast, fall away with clockwork precision.

Grapplers’ woes

The wrestlers, some of them medal-winners for the country, are angry that promises made to them were just hot air. It was business as usual once the heat and dust generated by the verbal exchanges the first time around stopped giving off steam, while Singh, chief of the Wrestling Federation of India, was being sought to be pinned down.