4 anti-trends in the wedding industry

In the realm of weddings, tradition has long been regarded as sacrosanct. The age-old customs and rituals passed down through generations have created a rich tapestry of celebration

Baggy clothes are having a moment in fashion

Baggy clothes are mostly connected to hip hop given due to most rappers’ way of dressing. There are several theories, however, on how baggy clothes came to be a trend. The most common one was that it originated from black gang members in California called Cripps and Blood.

Bridging the skill gap

Considering the current situation, it is important to introduce students to 3D virtual prototyping, which will serve as an ideal technology for fashion universities


Amalin Dutta, one of the most prominent fashion designers, loves to bring innovation in traditional garments, and juggle with colours…

Men’s fashion trends guide

Similar to women’s fashion, men’s fashion also keeps on changing. But the fashion trends of men are often misunderstood.