US tech curbs

The recent curbs on tech investment in China by Washington, referred to as a “small yard” with a “high fence,”…

Books as Life

Have we inadvertantly divorced our best life partners ~ books? Books are life partners that help you build your life…

5 ways to rekindle and maintain long-distance friendships

Long distance friendship can be hard and it can eventually get complicated if one of the two people feel neglected. With distance, friendships can fade since you are no longer able to see each other or enjoy those amazing moments together. However, if you care deeply about your friend, don’t let this be an excuse to loosen that bond, there are ways to still hang on to the friendship.

FCI using technology for bringing transparency in its operations

The Food Corporation of India (FCI) is using technology for bringing further transparency in its operations with the development of procurement portal, automation of depot operations (DOS) to transform food supply management system, adoption of electronic file system (e-file), online financial accounting system (FAP), installation of CCTVs across its facilities and implementation of online human resource management software.