senior citizens

The philosophy of saving with banks

Attending a customers’ meet of a public sector bank in Kolkata and listening to the praise that bank customers showered upon the branch manager and his team aroused in me the thought that in the era of rapid digitization

The ism that stays in the shadows

While this social aberration has been around for decades, everyday examples demonstrate the continued presence of this iniquitous practice.

KMC: Covid vax at home for senior citizens

“The civic body will first contact the doctor and inform him/her about the timings and the date of vaccination. We will mostly administer vaccines to such patients during the evening hours. Everyone will receive vaccines and if they don’t they can inform the KMC immediately.”

Empowering Elderly~I

In today's age of constantly changing technologies, elderly people are often left behind as they cannot keep up with the fast pace. This often leads to them being socially isolated

The nowhere people

Policy-making is about ensuring that policy measures impact people favourably or at least do not impact the economically or otherwise handicapped unfavourably, which is a principle that is observed in its absence. Matters get worse under straitened conditions