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  • Double disgrace

    Double disgrace

    What was said on the subject by Opposition leaders could be contemptuously ignored, but it would be a national disgrace to overlook the observations of Lt Gen DS Hooda, under whose operational direction that cross-border foray had been conducted.

    December 11, 2018
  • Army Commander stresses self-sufficiency in technology

    Army Commander stresses self-sufficiency in technology

    Lt. General Ranbir Singh stressed the importance of initiatives that make India attain self-sufficiency in developing future technologies on its own.

    July 14, 2018
  • Language enriched

    Language enriched

    It would be both premature and improper to speculate if heading a Strike Corps will facilitate Lieutenant-General Ranbir Singh following other Directors-General of Military Operations in “picking up” a fourth star and moving on to the office of the Chief of the Army Staff.  Yet, even if his military professionalism is no longer on public …

    December 3, 2016