An encounter with the Prince

I took this photograph with my box camera.” Prince Charles had a hearty laugh and said: “Oh, we have a blackmailer here!” He told his secretary: “Send him a message” The message from the Prince of Wales was duly received and published in the first brochure brought out by the Mahindra UW.

Tribute to a much-loved monarch

The loss of her beloved husband, Prince Philip, was an immense loss, yet I am most fortunate in having both his and the Queen’s signatures on my CBE certificate. She had been too frail in the last year to attend to various royal duties in person and had to let her eldest son step in to fulfil her tasks and one of them was awarding me the CBE insignia at Windsor Castle, their most beautiful family home in a spectacular ceremony in December 2021.

A Gypsy Spirit

It would leave me free to move to another place if I wanted a change. That kind of freedom appealed to me. Who knew if I wanted to move to another city or country? I liked living in Kolkata, but I did not feel impelled to live there forever.

Siblings add new twist to Hrithik-Kangana spat

Kangana and Hrithik have had an infamous spat. The actors were involved in a row which began after Kangana hinted at Hrithik being her "ex-boyfriend". This was followed by an exchange of legal complaints and mud-slinging.